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Fix Battlefield 4 Kicked by PunkBuster 2021 – Quick Solution

I recently encountered the issue of being kicked by PunkBuster while playing Battlefield 4 in 2021. Here is a quick solution to fix this problem.

Identifying the Cause of Being Kicked

To identify the cause of being kicked by PunkBuster in Battlefield 4, you need to check for any conflicting programs or settings on your computer.

First, check if any antivirus software such as Avast, Microsoft Defender Antivirus, Kaspersky Lab, or AVG AntiVirus is causing the issue. Disable them temporarily to see if the problem persists.

Next, open Task Manager (Windows) and close any unnecessary application software that could be interfering with the game.

If you are still experiencing issues, navigate to the game directory using File Explorer and locate the PunkBuster folder.

Run the PunkBuster setup file and select “Uninstall” to remove any corrupted files that may be causing the problem.

After uninstalling PunkBuster, download the latest version from the official website and install it again.

Antivirus and Firewall Interference Checks

Check Description Fix
Antivirus Software Make sure your antivirus software is not blocking PunkBuster or the game executable. Exclude PunkBuster and the game executable from antivirus scans or disable the antivirus temporarily while playing.
Firewall Settings Check your firewall settings to ensure that PunkBuster and the game have the necessary permissions to connect to the internet. Add exceptions for PunkBuster and the game in your firewall settings.

Updating or Reinstalling PunkBuster

To update or reinstall PunkBuster for Battlefield 4, follow these steps:

1. **Check for the latest version of PunkBuster** on their official website. Download and install it if needed.

2. **Uninstall the current PunkBuster installation** from your system. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, find PunkBuster, and uninstall it.

3. **Delete any remaining PunkBuster files** manually. Use File Explorer to navigate to the game directory and remove any PunkBuster folders.

4. **Reinstall PunkBuster** by downloading the latest version from their website and running the installer.

5. **Restart your computer** to ensure the changes take effect.

Troubleshooting and Technical Solutions

  • Download the latest version of PunkBuster from the official website.
  • Run the installer as an administrator.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Update PunkBuster

  • Open the PunkBuster control panel.
  • Click on the “Check for Updates” button.
  • Wait for the update process to complete.

Set Up Firewall and Antivirus

  • Disable your firewall and antivirus temporarily.
  • Launch the game and see if the issue persists.
  • If the problem is resolved, add an exception for Battlefield 4/PunkBuster in your firewall and antivirus settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix PunkBuster getting kicked errors in battlefield 4?

To fix PunkBuster getting kicked errors in Battlefield 4, you can try reinstalling PunkBuster by downloading and running the PunkBuster Setup. This will help ensure that the service is properly installed and configured to prevent further errors.

Why am I getting kicked by admin BF4?

You are getting kicked by admin in BF4 because the server may have specific rules or restrictions in place, such as a ping limit or rules against team killing. Launch the game through battlelog and try to join the server again to see the reason behind the kick.

Does Battlefield 4 use PunkBuster?

Battlefield 4 does use PunkBuster as its first-party Anti-Cheat system on PC.

How to set up PunkBuster for BF4?

To set up PunkBuster for BF4, you can begin by visiting Even Balance’s Punkbuster site and downloading PBSetup. Once downloaded, double-click on the file to extract it and run the extracted file. Agree to the license terms and then click Add a Game in PunkBuster to select BF4 from the dropdown menu.

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