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Troubleshoot Zoom Freezing and Crashing

In my experience, dealing with Zoom freezing and crashing can be frustrating and disruptive.

Check Zoom and Network Status

To troubleshoot Zoom freezing and crashing issues, it’s essential to check the Zoom and network status. Make sure your internet connection is stable and running smoothly.

Check the Zoom status on their official website or social media channels for any reported outages or issues.

Additionally, test your network connection by running a speed test to ensure you have sufficient bandwidth for video calls.

If you’re using a mobile app, try switching to a desktop computer or vice versa to see if the issue persists.

Consider disabling any hardware acceleration or browser extensions that may be causing conflicts with Zoom.

Lastly, ensure your browser is up to date and try clearing your cache and cookies to resolve any potential conflicts.

Close Unnecessary Programs and Clear Cache

To troubleshoot Zoom freezing and crashing issues, close unnecessary programs running in the background on your computer. This will free up system resources and help Zoom run more smoothly. Additionally, clearing the cache on your device can also improve performance. This can be done by going into your browser settings and clearing the cache and cookies. If you are using the Zoom desktop app, you can clear the cache by going to the settings menu and selecting the option to clear cache.

Update Zoom and Device Settings

  • Check for updates on Zoom and update to the latest version
    • Open Zoom on your device
    • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner
    • Select Check for Updates
    • Follow the prompts to update Zoom to the latest version
  • Update your device’s operating system and drivers
    • Go to your device’s settings
    • Look for System Updates or Software Updates
    • Download and install any available updates
    • Update your device’s drivers through the manufacturer’s website or device manager

Adjust Zoom and Device Settings

Next, adjust your Zoom settings by lowering the video quality or disabling HD video. This can help reduce the strain on your internet connection and prevent freezing or crashing. If you are using a mobile app, consider closing any other apps running in the background to free up resources for Zoom.

Lastly, check your device settings for any hardware acceleration options and disable them if necessary. This can sometimes cause compatibility issues with Zoom. By making these adjustments, you can improve the performance of Zoom and prevent freezing and crashing during your video calls.


Why does my Zoom meeting keep freezing?

Your Zoom meeting may keep freezing due to low bandwidth or a poor Internet connection. If your Internet is working fine, adjusting some Zoom settings could help resolve the issue.

Why does Zoom and teams keep freezing?

Zoom and Teams may keep freezing due to possible issues with the USB-C connector or interference from antivirus or firewall software. Try troubleshooting by disconnecting the USB-C connector and disabling antivirus/firewall temporarily to see if that resolves the freezing issue.

How to fix Zoom not responding?

To fix Zoom not responding, you can try closing the application normally and then reopening it. If that doesn’t work, you can force-quit Zoom by following specific steps depending on your operating system. For Windows, press ctrl-alt-del, select “Task Manager,” choose “Zoom,” and click “End Task.” For Mac, press cmd-option-esc, select “Zoom” from the “Force-Quit” program, and click “Force Quit.”

How do I stop Zoom glitching?

To stop Zoom glitching, ensure you have a stable internet connection. Use a wired Ethernet connection or get close to the router and use the 5GHz connection for faster and less congested internet. Consider upgrading to a better wireless router if needed.

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