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Fix Samsung S7 Slow Charge Issue

Are you frustrated with your Samsung S7 charging slowly? Let’s explore ways to fix this common issue.

Checking Cable and Adapter Condition

Check the condition of your cable and adapter for any visible damage or fraying. Make sure the connectors are clean and free of debris. Inspect the USB port on your Samsung Galaxy S7 for any dirt or lint that may be blocking the connection. Consider using a different cable or adapter to see if the issue persists. Try charging your phone in safe mode to rule out any third-party apps causing the slow charge problem.

If the issue continues, clear the cache on your device to improve charging speeds.

Ensuring Proper Power Source and Charging Technique

To ensure proper power source and charging technique for fixing the Samsung S7 slow charge issue, first, make sure you are using the original Samsung Galaxy S7 charger. Avoid using third-party chargers or cables as they may not provide the necessary power output. Also, try using a different USB cable to rule out any issues with the current cable. Ensure that the charging port on your Samsung Galaxy S7 is clean and free from any debris or dust.

You can use a small brush or compressed air to clean it out. Additionally, try charging your phone in Safe Mode to see if any third-party apps are causing the slow charge problem. Restart your phone before charging to clear the cache and optimize performance.

Managing Background Applications and Usage During Charging

  • Close unnecessary apps:
    • Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc
    • Select the apps that are running in the background
    • Click on End Task to close them
  • Avoid heavy usage:
    • Avoid using the phone for gaming or streaming videos while it’s charging
    • Close any unnecessary apps that are draining the battery
    • Put the phone on Airplane Mode to reduce background activity
  • Enable Power Saving Mode:
    • Go to Settings
    • Tap on Battery
    • Turn on Power Saving Mode

Utilizing Official Charging Accessories and Solutions

Samsung official charging cable.

To fix the Samsung S7 slow charge issue, it is essential to utilize official charging accessories and solutions. Make sure to use the original battery charger that came with the device to ensure optimal charging speed and efficiency. Avoid using third-party chargers that may not be compatible with the device. Additionally, check for any damage or debris in the charging port and clean it if necessary to improve connectivity.

Resetting the device’s cache partition can also help resolve any charging issues caused by software glitches.


Why is my Samsung S7 taking so long to charge?

Your Samsung S7 may be taking a long time to charge due to a damaged charging cable. Try using a different compatible cable to see if that resolves the issue.

Why does my Samsung Galaxy take forever to charge?

Your Samsung Galaxy may be taking forever to charge due to a blocked charging port, a problematic app causing slow charging in Safe Mode, outdated software that needs updating, or a hardware issue that requires assistance from Samsung.

Why does my Samsung take 10 hours to charge?

Your Samsung may be taking 10 hours to charge due to a faulty charging cable. Over time, charging cables can wear down and become less effective, resulting in slower charging times.

How long does it take to charge a Samsung S7?

To charge a Samsung S7, it takes approximately 100 minutes with a wired fast charger and 160 minutes with a wireless charger.

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