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Fix Outlook Not Opening Windows 10

Are you having trouble with Outlook not opening on your Windows 10 computer? Let’s explore some solutions to fix this issue.

Reasons You Can’t Start Outlook

If you are unable to start Outlook in Windows 10, there could be several reasons causing this issue. One common reason is a corrupted Outlook profile. Delete the existing Outlook profile and create a new one to fix this issue. Another reason could be a conflict with third-party add-ins. Disable all add-ins in Outlook and then enable them one by one to determine which one is causing the problem. It is also possible that Outlook is not set as the default email client on your computer. Set Outlook as the default email client in the Control Panel settings to resolve this.

If you have recently updated Windows, it could have caused compatibility issues with Outlook. Check for any Windows updates and install them to ensure compatibility with Outlook. Additionally, a malware infection on your computer could be preventing Outlook from opening. Run a full system scan with a reliable antivirus program to remove any malware.

Start in Safe Mode and Disable Add-Ins

  • Restart Outlook in Safe Mode:
    • Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box.
    • Type Outlook /safe and press Enter.
    • If Outlook opens successfully, the issue may be caused by an add-in.
  • Disable Add-Ins:
    • Click on File in Outlook.
    • Select Options.
    • Go to Add-Ins.
    • Disable all add-ins by selecting COM Add-ins from the dropdown menu and clicking Go.
    • Uncheck all add-ins and click OK.
    • Restart Outlook to see if the issue is resolved.

Check for Hidden Dialog Boxes

When troubleshooting Outlook not opening in Windows 10, it is important to check for any hidden dialog boxes that may be preventing the program from launching.

Hidden dialog boxes can often be minimized or hiding behind other windows, so be sure to carefully look for any pop-up messages that may require your attention.

If you suspect a hidden dialog box is causing the issue, try pressing Alt + Tab to cycle through open windows and see if any dialog boxes are revealed.

Additionally, check your taskbar for any Outlook icons that may indicate the program is open but not visible on your screen.

By carefully searching for hidden dialog boxes and making sure all windows are visible on your desktop, you may be able to resolve the issue of Outlook not opening on Windows 10.

Update Windows and Office

Go to the Start menu and open the Control Panel. From there, navigate to Windows Update and check for any available updates. Make sure to install all updates to ensure your system is running smoothly.

Similarly, open any Office applications such as Word or Excel and check for updates. Keeping both Windows and Office up to date can help resolve compatibility issues that may be causing Outlook not to open.

After updating Windows and Office, reboot your computer to apply the changes. Sometimes a simple restart can fix issues with applications like Outlook.

If Outlook still isn’t opening after updating, you may need to troubleshoot further or seek assistance from Microsoft support.

Repair Office Programs

If you are experiencing issues with Outlook not opening in Windows 10, there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve the problem.

First, try restarting your computer to see if that resolves the issue. If Outlook still does not open, you can try repairing the Office programs. To do this, go to the Control Panel and select “Programs and Features.” Find Microsoft Office in the list of installed programs, right-click on it, and select “Change.” Choose the option to repair Office programs and follow the on-screen instructions.

If repairing the Office programs does not fix the issue, you can also try running the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool. This tool is designed to help diagnose and fix problems with Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook.

Another troubleshooting step you can take is to check for any available Windows updates. Sometimes updating your operating system can resolve compatibility issues that may be causing Outlook not to open. To check for updates, go to the Start menu, select Settings, and then click on Update & Security. From there, you can check for any available updates and install them if necessary.

If none of these steps work, you may need to consider uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office. Before doing this, make sure to back up any important data in your Outlook account to prevent data loss.

Wrapping Up and Additional Help

In conclusion, if you have tried all the steps mentioned above and Outlook is still not opening on Windows 10, you may need additional help. One option is to check for any Windows Updates that may have caused the issue. You can do this by going to the Control Panel and searching for Windows Update.

If you are using Microsoft Exchange Server, it may be a good idea to contact your IT department for further assistance. Additionally, make sure your computer is not infected with a virus by running a full system scan with your antivirus software.

If all else fails, you can try rebooting your computer and then opening Outlook again. If the problem persists, you may need to use the Command-line interface to troubleshoot further.

For more advanced issues, you can reach out to Microsoft Support or visit their website for more troubleshooting options. Remember to always back up your emails and data before attempting any fixes.


How do I fix Microsoft Outlook not opening?

To fix Microsoft Outlook not opening, you can try closing all Office applications, then opening Control Panel and selecting Uninstall a program. Right-click on Microsoft 365 and choose either Online Repair or Quick Repair. Restart Outlook after the process completes.

How do I fix Outlook app on Windows 10?

To fix the Outlook app on Windows 10, you can repair Microsoft Office by going to Control Panel, clicking on Programs and Features, selecting Microsoft Office, and then choosing the Repair option. Follow the prompts to complete the repair process.

Why is my Outlook not responding?

Your Outlook may not be responding due to a variety of reasons, including not having the latest updates installed, Outlook being used by another process, or loading external content like images in an email message.

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