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Internet Connection Drops Every Hour: How to Fix PC Disconnects

Are you frustrated with your internet connection dropping every hour? Learn how to fix PC disconnects in this article.

Restart Modem and Router

Restart your modem and router by unplugging them from the power source for at least 30 seconds. This can help reset the connection and resolve any issues causing the disconnects. After 30 seconds, plug them back in and wait for them to fully reboot. Check to see if this resolves the problem of your internet connection dropping every hour.

If the issue persists, you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance. Be sure to also check for any firmware updates for your modem and router to ensure they are running the latest software.

Update Network Adapter and Firmware

Network adapter and firmware update screen

To fix PC disconnects every hour, it is important to update your network adapter and firmware. First, check for any available updates for your network adapter by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Download and install the latest drivers to ensure optimal performance. Next, update the firmware of your router to improve connectivity. Access your router’s settings by typing its IP address into your web browser. Look for the firmware update option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Following these steps should help resolve the issue of frequent internet disconnects.

Check for Signal Interference and Wi-Fi Channel Crowding

Wi-Fi signal strength meter

  • Move closer to the router: If you are experiencing frequent disconnects, try moving closer to the router to improve signal strength.
  • Check for potential sources of interference: Make sure there are no electronic devices, metal objects, or other obstacles that could be causing signal interference.
  • Change Wi-Fi channels: Access your router settings and switch to a less crowded Wi-Fi channel to reduce interference from neighboring networks.
  • Update router firmware: Ensure your router is running the latest firmware to optimize performance and stability.

Run Built-in Network Troubleshooter and Reset Network Settings

To troubleshoot the internet connection dropping every hour on your PC, run the built-in network troubleshooter to identify any issues with your network settings. If the problem persists, reset your network settings to default to resolve any configuration issues. This can help reset any settings that may be causing the disconnects. It’s important to ensure that your Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) settings are correct and that your router is functioning properly. Additionally, check for any interference from other devices on your local area network (LAN) that may be affecting your connection.


Why do I intermittently lose internet connection?

I intermittently lose internet connection due to various factors such as ISP infrastructure issues, network congestion, weather conditions, and hardware failures.

Why do I lose internet every night?

I lose internet every night due to network congestion.

Why does my laptop disconnect from Wi-Fi every hour?

Your laptop may be disconnecting from Wi-Fi every hour due to reasons such as outdated network drivers, interference from other devices, weak signal strength, or a misconfigured power-saving setting.

How do I know if my router is bad?

If you are experiencing slow connection, frequent drops, unresponsiveness, overheating issues, weak Wi-Fi signals, or have outdated firmware, these could be signs that your router is bad.

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