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Repairing GoPro Hero 7 Files

In this article, I will discuss methods for repairing GoPro Hero 7 files.

Understanding GoPro File Corruption

GoPro Hero 7 camera with error message on screen

When dealing with corrupted GoPro files, it’s important to first identify the extent of the damage. Use a reliable file recovery software to attempt to retrieve the corrupted files. If that doesn’t work, consider formatting your SD card and trying to recover the files again.

In some cases, you may need to seek professional help to recover the corrupted GoPro files.

Comprehensive Solutions for File Repair

Damaged file icon

File Type Available Solutions
Corrupted Video Files 1. Using video repair software such as Stellar Video Repair
2. Sending files to professional data recovery services
Lost or Deleted Files 1. Using data recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
2. Consulting with GoPro customer support for assistance
Unreadable Memory Card 1. Formatting the memory card using GoPro device
2. Using disk management tools like Disk Drill to repair the card

Tools and Techniques for Fixing Files

  • Use GoPro App to Repair Files:

    • Open the GoPro App on your device
    • Select the corrupt file you want to repair
    • Choose the option to repair the file
    • Wait for the repair process to finish
  • Use GoPro Studio to Repair Files:

    • Download and install GoPro Studio on your computer
    • Import the corrupt file into GoPro Studio
    • Use the editing tools to repair the file
    • Save the repaired file to your computer
  • Use Video Repair Software:

    • Download and install a reputable video repair software
    • Open the software and import the corrupt file
    • Follow the software’s instructions to repair the file
    • Save the repaired file to a location of your choice
      Follow the software's instructions to repair the file
Save the repaired file to a location of your choice

Enhancing Knowledge to Prevent Risks

To prevent risks when repairing GoPro Hero 7 files, enhancing your knowledge is crucial. Make sure to research and understand the specific file format of the GoPro Hero 7 files before attempting any repairs. Familiarize yourself with common issues and potential risks associated with file repair processes. Stay updated on software tools and techniques that can help you effectively repair corrupted or damaged files.

Additionally, consider backing up your files before attempting any repairs to avoid permanent data loss. By enhancing your knowledge, you can mitigate risks and increase the chances of successful file repairs.


How do I fix corrupted files on my GoPro?

To fix corrupted files on your GoPro, you can try removing both the battery and SD card, then reinserting them to prompt the recovery icon to appear. Press any button to start repairing the corrupted video files. Finally, remove the SD card once the process is complete.

How do I recover files from my GoPro?

To recover files from your GoPro, you can connect your GoPro or its SD card to your computer and use data recovery software like Disk Drill to scan for lost or corrupted files. Allow the scan to complete to locate your files.

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