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Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800CCC0F – How to Fix

In this article, I will discuss how to fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800CCC0F.

Enable Server Authentication and Disable Secure Password Authentication

Server authentication settings and secure password authentication settings page.

To fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800CCC0F, one solution is to enable server authentication and disable Secure Password Authentication. This can help resolve issues with sending or receiving emails.

Enabling server authentication ensures that your email client is properly authenticated with the mail server, allowing for a secure connection. To do this, go to your email client settings and look for the option to enable server authentication. Make sure to save the changes before exiting the settings.

On the other hand, disabling Secure Password Authentication can also help in fixing this error. Secure Password Authentication is a feature that may not always be compatible with certain mail servers. To disable it, navigate to your email client settings and locate the option for Secure Password Authentication. Uncheck this option and save your changes.

After enabling server authentication and disabling Secure Password Authentication, try sending or receiving emails again to see if the error has been resolved. If the issue persists, consider checking other settings such as your email server configuration, antivirus software settings, and firewall settings.

Manage Antivirus, Firewall, and DNS Cache

  • Check antivirus settings to ensure that Windows Live Mail is not being blocked or restricted.
  • Update antivirus software to the latest version to avoid compatibility issues with Windows Live Mail.

Manage Firewall

  • Check firewall settings to make sure that Windows Live Mail is allowed through the firewall.
  • Add Windows Live Mail to the list of allowed applications in the firewall settings.

Manage DNS Cache

  • Flush the DNS cache to clear any corrupted or outdated DNS entries that may be causing the error.
  • Reset the DNS settings to default to ensure proper communication with the mail server.

Reinstall Windows Live Mail and Update Drivers

To fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800CCC0F, you may need to reinstall Windows Live Mail and update drivers. Reinstalling Windows Live Mail can help resolve any software-related issues that may be causing the error. Updating your drivers ensures that your computer’s hardware is working properly with the latest software updates.

When reinstalling Windows Live Mail, first uninstall the program from your computer. Then, download the latest version of Windows Live Mail from the official Microsoft website. Follow the installation instructions to complete the process. This should help eliminate any corrupt files or settings that may be causing the error.

Next, make sure to update your drivers to ensure that your hardware components are functioning correctly. You can do this by going to the Device Manager on your computer and checking for any outdated drivers. Update them to the latest versions available online to avoid compatibility issues that could lead to the error.

After reinstalling Windows Live Mail and updating your drivers, restart your computer to apply the changes. Open Windows Live Mail and check if the error ID 0x800CCC0F has been resolved. If the error persists, you may need to troubleshoot further or seek professional help to diagnose the issue.

Adjust Mail Settings and Registry

Mail settings and registry

1. Adjust Mail Settings: Go to the Windows Live Mail application and click on the “Accounts” tab. Select the email account that is causing the error and click on “Properties.” Check the settings for the incoming and outgoing mail servers, ensuring they are correct. Make sure the server ports are also set correctly.

2. Check Registry Settings: Press the Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box. Type in “regedit” and press Enter to open the Registry Editor. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail. Check for any incorrect or outdated settings that may be causing the error.

3. Backup Registry: Before making any changes to the registry, it is important to back it up. Click on “File” in the Registry Editor and select “Export.” Choose a location to save the backup file and give it a name. This will allow you to restore the registry to its previous state if needed.

4. Make Necessary Changes: If you find any incorrect settings in the registry related to Windows Live Mail, right-click on the entry and select “Modify.” Update the value to the correct setting based on your email account configuration.

5. Restart Windows Live Mail: After making the necessary adjustments to both the mail settings and registry, close Windows Live Mail and reopen it to see if the error ID 0x800CCC0F has been resolved.


How to fix Windows Live Mail error id 0x800ccc0e?

To fix Windows Live Mail error id 0x800ccc0e, you can try checking the mail server’s connection, configuring the Windows Live Mail Server, reviewing the email account credentials, and removing and re-adding the account.

What is 0x800CCC0F error mail?

Error 0x800CCC0F in Outlook is caused by network connectivity issues, such as poor internet connection or long periods of inactivity, which can interrupt the server connection.

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